Dick Wolf’s ‘Criminal Confessions’ Season 2 Will Focus on Psychological Interrogation

Newsweek BY KELLY WYNNE ON 9/13/18 AT 4:00 PM


What does it take to make a hesitant criminal confess to a crime? The second season of Criminal Confessions will premiere on Oxygen October 6 and bring viewers inside interrogation rooms across America. The true crime show, produced by Dick Wolf, highlights interrogation tactics used to make even the most stubborn criminals confess in jaw-dropping admittance.

Wolf explained the second season will follow closely in the footsteps of the first, though will focus heavily on the psychology behind confessions and interview tactics. “We are continuing to give viewers an inside look into the investigation of criminals, with an emphasis on the psychological component of confessions," said Wolf in a press release. “This gives crime buffs insight into a side of police work that has never been examined before."

In the exclusive trailer streaming on Newsweek, the season looks to include an interview with witnesses, suspects and family members. Stressful interviews are showcased in bits, potential murderers denying investigator's facts. “You never want the person you’re interviewing to be in control,” the trailer teases. “We need to get him off his game.”

The season premiere will feature the double murder of Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth, a couple killed in their home while holding their 7-month-old son, who remained unharmed. The episode will detail the online feud that could have sparked the murder and question the role of a potential “catfish,” or online fake profile. The Tennessee couple’s murder left no evidence at the crime scene, only their bodies, which had been shot, according to ABC News in October 2015.

Criminal Confessions was renewed in April alongside another Oxygen show produced by Wolf, Cold Justice. Wolf issued a statement about the unique goals of each show, Deadline reported in April. “Oxygen has been incredibly supportive of Cold Justice and Criminal Confessions with obvious results,” said Wolf. “Our fan base is growing and as a result, Cold Justice will continue to provide justice for victims and their families and Criminal Confessions will continue to give viewers an inside look into a side of police work that has never been examined before.”

Oxygen is a true crime network geared toward a female audience. The station is home to shows Snapped and Killer Couples as well as feature series leading with the title “The Disappearance of…” The show follows investigative journalists as they visit the towns of female disappearances and retrace the steps of former investigators. In the past month, Oxygen premiered The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers and watched as journalists searched for new DNA evidence and uncovered a possible connection between the small town murder and a cartel drug ring.

Criminal Confessions will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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